Soft links have, in recent years, found a prominent place on sailboats, it has been possible thanks to research and development on fibers and on the whole production process allowing a performance improvement that only twenty years ago it would have been hard to imagine.

Our soft shackles are produced with Dyneema®, which is an ultra molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), and which offers several important mechanical characteristics such as:




Abrasion Resistance

And that can be modulated according with the specific use of the rope, such as, for example, in the case of pre-stretching that can be done in different degrees, preferring the flexibility and handling rather than toughness.

It is thus that are born products such as Dyneema® SK78 and SK99 two fibers with different characteristics, available where different pre-stretch processes may be applied, as in the case of SK 78 and SK 99 MAX MAX, carrying higher breaking loads compared with the standard stretch rope.

A rigorous testing process and quality control lead the birth of Marlow fibers that we use, in Velamania, to produce loops, strops and soft shackles are, in turn, tested on our traction bench, in special design sessions.

All these accessories can also be protected by a Dyneema® chafe sleeve, which guarantees a further improvement of the resistance to abrasion and UV, as well as the ability to customize the color.

Use of this product family offers the opportunity to save weight wherever replace metal hardware, without sacrificing performance and an advantageous economic relationship.

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