OWS (Outer Wheel Support) slider

Seldén OWS sliders are designed both as batten sliders and webbing sliders. Each model is available in 5 different versions.

One version fits Seldén E-sections (1977-2002) and older Seldén/Kemp oval sections. Any of the other 4 versions fits most of all other mast brands on the market.
OWS sliders do not fit Seldén C-section for which MDS-sliders should be used.

OWS slider for webbing

To acheive maximum strength, the OWS slider should be attached to the main sail using a webbing strap.
All sliders for webbing can be used for headboard attachments and as intermediate sliders.

OWS slider for batten

The OWS batten slider is designed to take compression load from the batten in a full batten main sail. To achieve optimal function and strength, use Seldén toggle M10 stud  11-739-01.

OWS compatible sail feeder gates

The OWS E-section slider (511-740 and 511-750) can be used with, and passes through Seldén sail feeder gate 505-501-01.
The OWS sliders 511-744 and 511-754 for keelboat sections (C106-C139) can be used with and passes through Seldén sail feeder gate 505-533-02